Field Trip!

My wonderful college friend Sarah is back in the US after many years of working abroad, and I am lucky enough to have her living only a couple of hours away from me! We've gotten to spend some fun afternoons, weekends, and evenings together in the past few months. Sarah has gotten into discovering the gems of Southern Alabama (where she's living right now), and in her research, she discovered a local cheese farm! So a few weekends ago, Kelly kept Elliott for an entire Saturday so that I could escape for a fun girls' day with Sarah visiting the farm. It was cute and quaint and the cheese was excellent!

Old milk truck on the farm.

Sarah and I, happy after purchasing some delicious cheese and bread.

At the cheese shop, we overheard a customer talking about another great farm she had just visited four miles down the road. Intrigued, we asked about it. She told us it was a small farm where you could get homemade ice cream, among other things. Yes, please.

The chicken coop.

The residents.

Our delicious lunch!

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Mary Jones said...

Sarah, I love the quaint little cheese farm you and your friend perused in Alabama!!! What fun! The pics of "the local residents" were cute. Looks like you had a fun day there.